Back up relevant data in track 0 from all drives

The MBRs and track0s from all RAID array disks should be backed up. Creating a new RAID set in the RAID controller will zero all track 0s. You may also want to write the information down when viewing it a human-readable form.

In simpler cases when one has sufficiently sophisticated data recovery software, it isn’t actually necessary to do this step. The MBR can be re-generated by the software once the NTFS partition information has been restored to LS 63, which is itself replicated elsewhere on one or more of the original RAID disks. Therefore upon finding this NTFS partition information, it can be copied back to LS 63 before performing the MBR recovery process.

An instance of the replicated NTFS partition information could look like this (the NTFS signature is highlighted):


It is also worthwhile noting that NTLDR is also backed up directly after the NTFS partition information (the Unicode NTLDR signature is highlighted):